Remote Control Semi Trucks

Remote Control Semi Trucks For Kids, Grandkids, And Adults

Here's a line of Remote control semi trucks for transporting everything from model toys to construction materials. On this page you'll also find heavy trucks for monster fun, and big truck towing. It's a great supply of semi trucks for you to choose from.

If you're looking for a remote control semi truck for your kids or your grandkids, You can't go wrong with this Remote Control Semi Tractor Trailer With Spinner Wheels.

RC Semi Tractor Trailer

Your kids'll love an R/C truck. Whether they're hauling cargo, driving over rough terrain, plunging into a mud pit, towing other RCs out of that pit, or leaping over mounds of dirt, they'll get hours of fun playing with their radio control toy.

You'll make them even happier when you buy a fleet of trucks. Spend some quality time with them. Create hauling from the warehouse to the job site. Use your radio control fork lifts to load the trailers, and move your loads where you want them.. Create an obstacle course and send your monster semis side-by-side over the hills and pits in a contest of skill.

Start collecting your semi truck fleet now, and soon you and the kids will have hours of RC fun together.

Stage Your Own Monster Semi Truck Rally.

Teach your kids driving skills with RC toys thet improve their motor skills. They'll learn how to manipulate the controls while navigating over the terrain you develop for them.

Build an oval race track, and give them racing adventures. Make an obstacle course to improve their dexterity behind the wheel. Design jumping ramps for monster leaps over rows of cars. Collect different remote control trucks and RC cars to give them 2-way traffic driving experience. Design driving problems for them to navigate around.

Check out these semi models for starters:

The Semi Remote Control Monster Truck is ready to run as soon as you charge the batteries.

Semi RC Monster Truck

Or choose the semi designed for off road fun: Monster Semi RC Truck.

Monster Radio Control Monster Truck

It's the Desert King, and it's sure to delight your monster truck racing friends.

Ever had an RC break down on the road?

You'll have it covered with the Semi RC Tow Truck.

Heavy Duty RC Tow Truck

Just hook em up, and haul em home.

How about two RCs for one purchase?

This semi comes with a remote control front end loader. When you need to level the ground for your race track drive in the RC Flatbed With Remote Control Front Loader.

RC Semi With Radio Control Front Loader

Back the loader off the trailer, and clear your racing area.

RC semi trucks provide power for all kinds of towing and transporting. Create your own remote control hauling activities, and get your cargo where it needs to go.

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